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Venus Transit of Sun June 2012

Would you like to view the upcoming transit of Venus across the sun on Tuesday, on June 5? There is a page that will display live Venus transit data, live webcast 2012 Venus Transit.

When Venus crosses in front of the sun, astronomers refer to this as a “transit.” As the planet moves along its orbital path, it will travel across the solar disk, making it appear to observers on Earth as a small black blemish on the face of the sun.

There is the test data is available there. All what you need is to click the button to view the recent test data to get an idea of what the Venus transit will look like.

Actually similar events take place less than once per century. The last transit occurred in 2004, but the next one won’t come until 2117.

In addition to being rare and spectacular sky watching events, transits of Venus have played a large role in astronomical history. For example, scientists and explorers mounted huge expeditions to view the 18th century’s two transits, which occurred in 1761 and 1769.