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Chinese Super Space Drive

Chinese are in the process of “impossible” space drive, world press agencies report and going to release a demonstration version soon. As Chinese researchers say, they found the value that will open the new possibilities for space exploration. If they’re right, it will give the Chinese a decisive military advantage in space.

As it is reported the drive, called the EmDrive ((short for “electromagnetic drive”) supposedly works by converting electrical energy to thrust using microwaves. “It is well known that Roger Shawyer’s ‘electromagnetic relativity drive’ violates the law of conservation of momentum, making it simply the latest in a long line of ‘perpetuum mobiles’ that have been proposed and disproved for centuries,” wrote John Costella, an Australian physicist. “His analysis is rubbish and his ‘drive’ impossible.”

“NPU started their research program in June 2007, under the supervision of Professor Yang Juan. They have independently developed a mathematical simulation which shows unequivocally that a net force can be produced from a simple resonant tapered cavity,” Shawyer tells Danger Room. “The thrust levels predicted by this simulation are similar to those resulting from the SPR design software, and the SPR test results.”

However, if Chinese pull this off, no doubt they will get a giant advantage in the space race.

Hurricanes Lessons.

There are a lot of information you can find now online about a current tropical cyclone Gustav that has intensified rapidly into a strong Category 1 Hurricane. It’s powerful natural phenomenon and not one to be trifled with. Many people who have lived in the area must leave their houses running away.

But what is Hurricane and where do they come from?
The study shows that the formation of hurricanes comes under the general heading of the formation of tropical cyclones, more properly known as “tropical cyclogenesis”. Musk (1988) has identified a list of factors which aid tropical cyclogenesis. The primary factor is the temperature of the sea, since this is where the hurricane derives most energy. So the origin of a hurricane is interaction warm ocean waters with rapidly cooling atmosphere therefore cyclones only occur in distinct seasons when the sea is warm enough.

. There are two ways of measuring hurricane energy; total energy released through cloud/rain formation; average hurricane produces 1.5cm/day of rain within a 665km radius. This would require 600 000 000 000 000 Watts of energy – 200 times the world’s electrical generating capacity Total kinetic energy of the wind; By complicated meteorological calculation, and using some very tricky maths, the average dissipation rate is about 1 500 000 000 000 Watts; equivalent to half the electrical generating capacity of the world.

So is it inevitable? Perhaps, yeas. Hurricanes are one of the most destructive natural hazards, both in terms of frequency and death toll. Very little can be done to stop a hurricane, because it has more power than all of the electrical capacity of the world. Even if all the nuclear weapons in the world were detonated simultaneously, they would only power a medium (Cat 2-3) hurricane for 6-12 hours.