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Total Solar Eclipse

On Audust, 1 the total solar eclipse will blot out the sun. If you want to learn more about what is an eclipse of the Sun, what causes eclipses and why, how often do eclipses happen and when is the next eclipse of the Sun, You can easely get the answers to these questions online. I just would like to add that this is very rare situation because all parts of thisplanet’s puzzle must be coincided. For a solar eclipse to take place the moon must be in its new phase and passes between the Sun and the Earth so that the Sun is wholly or partially occured.

So, what is in store for us? Here is the Calendar Date Eclipse and Type of Eclipses of the Sun: 2008 – 2015
Calendar Date Eclipse Type Eclipse Magnitude Central Duration Geographic Region of Eclipse Visibility

2008 Feb 07 Annular 0.965 02m12s Antarctica, e Australia, N. Zealand

2008 Aug 01 Total 1.039 02m27s ne N. America, Europe, Asia
[Total: n Canada, Greenland, Siberia, Mongolia, China]

2009 Jan 26 Annular 0.928 07m54s s Africa, Antarctica, se Asia, Australia
[Annular: s Indian, Sumatra, Borneo]

2009 Jul 22 Total 1.080 06m39s e Asia, Pacific Ocean, Hawaii
[Total: India, Nepal, China, c Pacific]

2010 Jan 15 Annular 0.919 11m08s Africa, Asia
[Annular: c Africa, India, Malymar, China]

2010 Jul 11 Total 1.058 05m20s s S. America
[Total: s Pacific, Easter Is., Chile, Argentina]

2011 Jan 04 Partial 0.858 – Europe, Africa, c Asia

2011 Jun 01 Partial 0.601 – e Asia, n N. America, Iceland

2011 Jul 01 Partial 0.097 – s Indian Ocean

2011 Nov 25 Partial 0.905 – s Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania, N.Z.

2012 May 20 Annular 0.944 05m46s Asia, Pacific, N. America
[Annular: China, Japan, Pacific, w U.S.]

2012 Nov 13 Total 1.050 04m02s Australia, N.Z., s Pacific, s S. America
[Total: n Australia, s Pacific]

2013 May 10 Annular 0.954 06m03s Australia, N.Z., c Pacific
[Annular: n Australia, Solomon Is., c Pacific]

2013 Nov 03 Hybrid 1.016 01m40s e Americas, s Europe, Africa
[Hybid: Atlantic, c Africa]

2014 Apr 29 Annular 0.987 – s Indian, Australia, Antarctica
[Annular: Antarctica]

2014 Oct 23 Partial 0.811 – n Pacific, N. America

2015 Mar 20 Total 1.045 02m47s Iceland, Europe, n Africa, n Asia
[Total: n Atlantic, Faeroe Is, Svalbard]

2015 Sep 13 Partial 0.787 – s Africa, s Indian, Antarctica