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Phoenix Landed on Mars.

Phoenix spacecraft landed in the northern polar region of Mars on May 25, 2008 to begin three months of examining a site chosen for its likelihood of having frozen water within reach of the lander’s robotic arm, NASAreports.

Radio signals received at 4:53:44 p.m. Pacific Time (7:53:44 p.m. Eastern Time) confirmed the Phoenix Mars Lander had survived its difficult final descent and touchdown 15 minutes earlier. The signals took that long to travel from Mars to Earth at the speed of light.

Mission team members at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.; Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Denver; and the University of Arizona, Tucson, cheered confirmation of the landing and eagerly awaited further information from Phoenix later tonight.

Last 3 Days Earthquakes.

It became known that yesterday at least six people were killed when a shallow, 5.6-magnitude earthquake hit Colombia, destroying homes and shaking buildings in the capital Bogota, where panicked residents fled into the streets. The quake blocked a highway out of Bogota and flattened ten houses and a church near the epicenter, authorities said.

Francisco Gomez, a geology professor at the University of Missouri who has studied the New Madrid Seismic Zone in southeast Missouri and other “intraplate” zones that cause mid-continent earthquakes, said the quake was strong, but it doesn’t necessarily mean there are more to come.

“There always is the concern with something like this that there may be the potential for larger earthquakes in the Wabash River Valley,” he said of the Indiana-Illinois region. “But there’s also the high probability that this is just a moderate earthquake that happened and now they’ll return to the normal level of activity which is pretty infrequent.”

He added: “Does this mean there’s a big one yet to come? Well, not necessarily.”

Gomez said intraplate quakes like this and the massive 7.5-magnitude events that struck Missouri in 1811 and 1812, levelling buildings in St. Louis and reportedly causing the Mississippi River to flow backwards, are very “enigmatic.” They can’t be easily explained or monitored like California earthquakes, which occur when tectonic plates push against each other.

“There are different possibilities. Some of it has to do with the fact that the crust of the earth in continental areas is old and it has a lot of old fractures and cracks within it,” said Gomez. “Sometimes stress gets concentrated and it produces an earthquake. But what causes stress to build? That’s one of the big debates right now.”

As is generally known earthquakes as a natural phenomenon is everyday occurrence. Here you can check the list of Worldwide Earthquakes that happened only in the Last 3 Days.

25-MAY-2008 09:34:09 33.07 104.96 4.9 10.0 GANSU, CHINA
25-MAY-2008 08:21:48 32.58 105.46 5.8 10.0 SICHUAN, CHINA
25-MAY-2008 05:45:12 15.24 -91.70 5.0 193.1 MEXICO-GUATEMALA BORDER REGION
25-MAY-2008 04:27:06 31.92 104.50 4.6 10.0 SICHUAN, CHINA
25-MAY-2008 04:17:06 14.51 -91.43 4.3 82.8 GUATEMALA
25-MAY-2008 03:25:40 46.52 153.32 4.7 39.3 KURIL ISLANDS
25-MAY-2008 02:07:52 -12.76 -14.66 4.8 10.0 SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
24-MAY-2008 23:23:07 44.24 -129.31 4.6 10.0 OFF COAST OF OREGON
24-MAY-2008 23:20:39 44.33 -129.76 4.2 10.0 OFF COAST OF OREGON
24-MAY-2008 22:29:15 18.37 -105.37 4.2 10.0 OFF COAST OF JALISCO, MEXICO
24-MAY-2008 19:48:12 -23.45 -179.71 4.9 530.7 SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
24-MAY-2008 19:20:42 4.45 -73.63 5.7 3.6 COLOMBIA
24-MAY-2008 13:24:11 -7.27 156.02 5.9 67.1 SOLOMON ISLANDS
24-MAY-2008 13:21:28 -0.31 -19.01 5.1 10.0 CENTRAL MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
24-MAY-2008 10:28:43 -19.32 169.51 5.1 281.6 VANUATU ISLANDS
24-MAY-2008 09:24:05 -22.11 -179.53 4.9 591.8 SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
24-MAY-2008 08:18:18 71.49 -3.06 4.5 10.0 JAN MAYEN ISLAND REGION
24-MAY-2008 07:40:39 -8.78 124.03 5.3 45.6 TIMOR REGION, INDONESIA
24-MAY-2008 06:53:32 -42.01 -71.77 4.7 83.4 S. CHILE-ARGENTINA BORDER REGION
24-MAY-2008 06:26:31 -41.90 -71.81 5.0 69.7 S. CHILE-ARGENTINA BORDER REGION
24-MAY-2008 04:58:19 42.44 -30.55 5.5 10.0 AZORES ISLANDS REGION
24-MAY-2008 02:43:46 -41.95 -71.88 5.3 78.9 S. CHILE-ARGENTINA BORDER REGION
24-MAY-2008 01:59:35 53.13 172.69 4.4 75.1 NEAR ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS
23-MAY-2008 22:50:30 -7.03 129.57 5.7 62.2 BANDA SEA
23-MAY-2008 20:46:18 -22.59 -68.55 5.0 99.8 NORTHERN CHILE
23-MAY-2008 19:35:35 7.26 -34.88 6.4 10.0 CENTRAL MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
23-MAY-2008 16:10:22 32.25 105.10 4.5 10.0 SICHUAN, CHINA
23-MAY-2008 12:27:16 -23.60 178.99 5.0 524.2 SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
23-MAY-2008 11:42:14 65.21 -133.94 4.1 5.0 NORTHERN YUKON TERRITORY, CANADA
23-MAY-2008 03:35:06 -8.03 106.89 4.9 10.0 SOUTH OF JAWA, INDONESIA
23-MAY-2008 03:33:07 51.69 177.92 5.2 35.0 RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS
23-MAY-2008 01:07:46 -20.46 -179.34 5.1 652.5 FIJI ISLANDS REGION
23-MAY-2008 00:13:11 7.59 -78.07 4.4 10.0 PANAMA
23-MAY-2008 00:05:06 31.26 103.95 4.6 10.0 SICHUAN, CHINA

UFO Files On-Line

You can start your own UFO research right now, to discover the history of government UFO investigations and find out where the new files fit in. So as it was reported earlier, the UK’s Ministry of Defence has agreed to open its secret files on UFO sightings over the UK.

Now you can download these files contained a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1978–2002 including numerous UFO sightings as well as Winston Churchill’s views on UFOs. You can find out more about lights in the sky over Waterloo Bridge, near misses by pilots, crop circles – and what the UK government thought of it all – this is the place to start. The files are in PDF format.

Facts and Myths about Brains.

Recently The Daily Mail has published very fascinating facts and common myths about our grey matter, I mean our brains of course. These facts and myths have been taken from a new book by two leading neuroscientists Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang. The information is interesting and sometimes really surprised.

FACT: You can’t tickle yourself
When a doctor examines a ticklish patient, they place one of the patient’s hands over their own to prevent the tickling sensation.
Why does this work? Because no matter how ticklish you may be, you can’t tickle yourself.
This is because your brain focuses on what’s going on in the outside world — to prevent important signals from being drowned out in the endless buzz of sensations caused by your own actions.
For instance, this means you’re unlikely to notice the texture of your socks, but you would feel a tap on the shoulder.
The patient doesn’t feel the tickling because his brain thinks it’s his own hand doing the action.
FACT: Looking at a photograph is harder than playing chess
When computer scientists first began trying to write programmes to mimic human abilities, they found it relatively-easy to get computers to follow logic and do complex maths — such as those required in chess moves — but very hard to get them to figure out what they were seeing in a visual image.

Today’s best computer programmes can beat a grand master, but any toddler can beat the top programmes when it comes to making sense of the visual world.

One reason for this is the difficulty in identifying individual objects.

You only see this ambiguity when you see something briefly enough to misidentify it — like when that rock in the middle of the dark road suddenly turns out to be a neighbour’s cat.

MYTH: You only ever use about 10 per cent of your brain
Although half the world’s population thinks this, in reality you use your whole brain every day.
But for the myth to stick around for so long, it must have been saying something that we really want to hear.

In fact, its impressive persistence may depend on its optimistic message: “If we use only 10 per cent of our brains normally, think what we could do if we could use even a tiny bit of that other 90 per cent.”

The truth is, studies of brain activity show that even simple tasks actually produce activity throughout the entire brain.
More about this book you can read in my Library. So welcome to your brain.