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Hurricane Dean

NACA reports that at 06:56 CDT, shuttle Endeavour undocked from ISS, officially ending the joint operations phase of STS-118.

It was a successful mission from the ISS standpoint.
The $11 million, 11’x14’x15′ S5 truss segment was installed on the ISS main truss.
[EVA] Replacement of an ISS gyroscope.
4 EVAs performed.
A 7500 lb external stowage platform was installed on the ISS main truss.
~2 tons of cargo (food, clothing, and hardware) was transferred from Endeavour to ISS.

Hurricane Dean is now tracking well south of Houston, and barely going to touch TX. So its unlikely MCC-Houston will have to evacuate. That’s good news.

Attached some photos of Hurricane Dean, taken by the ISS crew. To give you an idea of the size of Dean, its approximately 650 miles across. For reference, the storm would almost completely cover the states of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.